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Creative Commons License photo credit: alicepopkorn

Participating in Self Hypnosis training presents a problem. In today’s society and level of expectation, a person demands instant gratification. This makes hypnosis relaxation very difficult. We take a pill and the symptom is eased. Of course, the problem has not been removed, but we are feeling better until time to take the next pill.

All we have to do is raise our credit card limit or get another one and we can buy NOW. Who wants to wait and save before purchasing. After all, we see examples of get it now or do it now on TV dramas and sitcoms everyday.

Learning Self Hypnosis reminds me of playing a musical instrument. An accomplished musician can take the most inexpensive, beat-up instrument and play a beautiful melody with it. Have you heard an accomplished musician use a rubber garden hose as a clarinet?

A beginner won’t be able to make the most expensive instrument sound good.

While Self Hypnosis and hypnosis relaxation is not difficult, it takes a little time and trial to learn the methodology that works best for you. You are dealing with the subconscious which takes total relaxation to enter.

So, after choosing your goal or subject, the first objective is to reach a state of RELAXATION.

What are the words, phrases and descriptions that will cause you to get to a state of comfort and bliss. What created images will cause you to concentrate on them and ignore your present environment.

The more you practice, the easier and quicker this blissful state will be created.
Once this has been accomplished, you are ready for step two.

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Fat Beth & A Basket.
Creative Commons License photo credit: bethography – melting mama Want to lose weight? If you believe the claims being made, it’s easy. All you have to do is listen to a self hypnosis for weight loss track and lose weight. Or use a product you see advertised on TV every day and get instant weight loss.

Wouldn’t that be great!

Well, the good news is that for most people self hypnosis works better than pills and devices of all sorts.

Why? Hypnosis works on a level other devices and pills are unable to reach.
It reaches into and uses your subconscious mind which controls the automatic functions of the body such as breathing. From here the mind can be steered to the losing weight or changing food intake mode.

Many years ago our ancestors did not have food readily available or stores on every block. Their minds had to take care of the body during those times when food was scarce or non-existent. Our mind still controls basic body functions as if we were still living under those conditions. Not handling this situation properly today is where most diets fail.

Hypnosis works well with a diet without having to use starvation because the mind can use hypnosis for weight loss to steer the mind to the thought of losing weight. With the proper method using a viable script or track, the mind can be trained to control the hunger signal and eat only when needed.

Not only will you continue with gradual weight loss, but being aware of the foods  you are eating will provide more meal enjoyment. This, in turn, will provide a more successful weight loss venture.

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Beginning to use and have Self Hypnosis Script success reminds me of starting a flower garden. To have a successful garden the weeds and other growth have to be removed and the soil properly prepared. Otherwise the newly planted flowers will not survive or at best have to compete with the established growth which will affect the growth and flowering capability.

For hypnosis to be effective, the old thoughts, habits and behavior which we’ll call “programming” must be addressed. If we can at least partially remove and alter this programming, the new information will be more easily accepted and powerful.

The old programming will resist change and reject new information time and time again. Only after many repetitions will the new information begin to have an effect. So working first to remove old programming, the new information will begin changing our programming much faster.

Not only that, in most cases just altering or removing the old programming causes us to feel better and move toward our goals. Getting rid of the old programming allows the body and mind to naturally begin to mend and work in new directions.

One way to change our programming is to use a pre-recorded hypnosis script designed for this purpose. These scripts can be found for any subject imaginable and come in many different formats.  They can be found in tapes, cd’s, video, mp3 and text format.

After having some success and becoming familiar with Self Hypnosis, the next step is to make our own recording, called a hypnosis script. The benefit of making your own, is that it will contain words and phrases which are familiar
and specially directed toward the behavior you want to eliminate or change.

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