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Creative Commons License photo credit: Piotr Pawłowski Being able to hypnotize someone is a cool party trick. It is also a powerful way to help someone overcome problems that are bothering them. One thing most people are surprised about is that it is  easy to learn how to hypnotize someone. Maybe this is because going in and out of hypnosis is pretty natural for everybody. In this article I’ll show you how to hypnotize someone using the permissive method. This means they know you are hypnotizing them, and have agreed to go along with it.

A good thing to get before you start is something they’d like to accomplish while under hypnosis. Maybe a bad habit they’d like to stop, or to do good on an upcoming test, or to simply enjoy twenty or thirty minutes of focused relaxation. Make sure to respect whatever they want to achieve, as it is important to them.

Now you’re ready. Have them relax in any way that will be comfortable for them for twenty or thirty minutes. Sitting down, or sprawled out on a couch, whatever is most comfortable for them. Get them to close their eyes, and take several long, slow, deep breaths. Each time they exhale, tell them they are getting more and more relaxed. (Which they will be anyway, because they are sitting on a couch with their eyes closed!) Tell them they are getting more relaxed with each breath.

Next you can start to get them relaxing their whole body, one body part at a time. Start with their head, then chest, stomach, back, arms, legs etc. Once you get down to their feet, they are ready to go.

When you finish relaxing all their body parts, you can start giving them commands. Make sure your commands
are congruent with what they said they wanted to accomplish under hypnosis. “You stop smoking easily,” or “You always do well on tests, ” or “you are very smart,” or whatever they want. Spend about fifteen minutes during this section. Speak slowly and softly.

After you’ve given them several commands, you can begin to bring them slowly out of their hypnotic state. Usually a slow count from one to five does the trick. Which each number describe them feeling better, more awake, so that when you get to five, they are feeling happy and relaxed and refreshed.

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