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By Jack Powell

The study and use of hypnosis has been gaining in popularity because it has helped millions around the world. The practice of self hypnosis using self hypnosis scripts has enabled the individual to unlock the hidden powers found in the subconscious mind. By doing so, goals of health, wealth, self improvement and behavior change have been accomplished.

The advantage of self hypnosis is that the person knows what the goal is, and can speak in a familiar voice with understandable words. The disadvantage is that most people aren’t knowledgeable in using the hypnotic steps necessary to reach the subconscious and make the proper suggestions in the needed method.

Thus, the use of self hypnosis scripts gives a reference including plans for each stage of the process and addresses the needs for the session at the proper time and sequence.

Caution! To be effective, the correct script must be chosen and used. What works for one person may not work for another. The script must also address the problem at hand. A script for weight loss will not work as a stop smoking script.

So, in the beginning, a properly chosen script can allow even a newbie to reach a successful trance and the beginning of a behavior change. More information about the 5 steps in self hypnosis scripts can be found in this article.

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By Jack Powell

new look at The Three Sisters Creative Commons License photo credit: digika When one begins self hypnosis training the realization that it is not an end in itself will eventually emerge. It’s like discovering an iceberg. The more one studies the tip, the more is learned about what is below water. And then more and more.

Each segment of the iceberg may be a marvel in itself, but just looking at the individual segments will give a false impression of the whole iceberg. And since most of it is not visible at any one time, there’s no way one can see the complete iceberg.

So it is with most self hypnosis training. It seems very simple at first. All one has to do is listen to a hypnosis tape or CD. And then another after another.

One can spend weeks, months and yes, even years, along with many hundreds of dollars going thru the multitude of hypnosis resources found online. So at the end, without any structure and continuity, all one has is a stack of tapes and CD’s. Yep, several were helpful, many were useless, and no complete picture is formed.

Improvement or change may have taken place, but the total desired effect has not occurred.

So, what is the answer? To be totally effective, a program must be used which is a complete system. One which takes all the pieces and puts them into the proper slot, rather than offering hundreds of individual tapes or CDs.

This program should have three steps included in each session regardless of the induction or technique used or the session goal. The stages are referred to as “ABS”.

You guessed it. The “A” stands for Attention. One must become totally focused on the subject at hand and completely unaware of any other distractions or thoughts.

B” is Bypassing. Bypassing what? The critical mind. Why is this important? The natural thing for one to do is question and analyze everything. If this occurs in self hypnosis [or any kind of hypnosis] progress cannot be made.

S” if for Stimulate. The unconscious mind must be stimulated to accept the suggestions for processing. This is the key to making change.

Stages “A” and “B” must be accomplished in order for “S” to have a chance.

Without “S”, nothing takes place. All three stages must be present, in order, in EVERY session, regardless of which book, tape, CD or tool used for the hypnosis session.

One should also look for a training which includes the 5 steps of hypnosis unless very experienced in the art. The 5 steps will guide one thru the necessary steps to complete a hypnotic session successfully. As one becomes more advanced, some of the steps can be eliminated.

Learn about self hypnosis training and the 5 steps of hypnosis used to set up and imbed proper suggestions and complete the hypnotic trance. By doing so, one can alter behavior and improve life – stop smoking, lose weight, gain confidence.

The new life is waiting for you – You can do it!

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Creative Commons License photo credit: figlioDiOrfeo♥Self hypnosis works by altering the state of your brain wave. Self Hypnosis training allows you to more easily understand and use new knowledge because of this altered state or trance.

And yes, it’s harmless so you don’t have to be concerned about negative side effects.

Contrary to some opinions, you remain in control and can wake up when you choose.
At worst case scenario, you will fall asleep and then wake up naturally.

Self Hypnosis training can be a valuable tool in learning to hypnotize yourself or even other people.

The basis of hypnosis is trust. Who do you trust? Hopefully no one better than yourself. And what voice are you most familiar with? Again, your own.

The most effective script to use would be one you made and customized for your current need. Then the script could be recorded in your own voice to use during the trance.

The object is to re-wire the brain by replacing all negative and unacceptable thoughts with positive, healthy ones. Your own voice specially addressing these issues will provide the quickest and most effective results.

Another benefit to completing your own recorded script is that you won’t be turned off by someone’s accent or voice inflections. And certainly not concerned with a possible added subliminal message.

So how do you make this recording?

If you use Microsoft Vista, look in the All Programs folder and find the Accessories Folder. There you will find a Sound Recorder.

If your computer does not have a recording program, a free Editing and Recording program called Audacity can be found at http://audacity.Sourceforge.Net

If your computer does not have a built in microphone, one can be purchased at any store where electronics are sold. An inexpensive one will be fine for this purpose.

Recording the hypnosis script is easy. Relax and speak softly and slowly as you begin the induction and deepening stages so this relaxation will be transferred during the session. When you write out the script, BOLD text the words, phrases or sentences which need to be emphasized.

Made a goof? No problem. Just start over. After a few attempts, you will be comfortable and do just fine.

If you are a beginner, or one of those people simply terrified thinking about making your own recording, consider purchasing a MP3 or CD HERE. After a little practice you will be ready to make your own.

The final objective is the creation of a script dealing with your specific issues and recorded in your own voice.

Hypnoman provides an array of information and a free download listing the steps included in a Self Hypnosis session HERE.

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Mount Tomah Botanical Gardens - Stephen and Tahn (May 2009)Anyone can acquire the ability needed to influence the actions of other people by developing and applying the power of Conversational hypnosis. This is done by speaking in a normal way using everyday language in a casual, yet powerful form. The subject, without realizing it, can be placed in a hypnotic trance so the desired actions and responses are attained.

 This procedure can be very useful in both everyday and business situations.

You will be able to use the subconcious level for communication. This will allow you to manipulate and predict the behaviors of other people by controlling their reactions and opinions. Just imagine how this could affect your everyday interactions.

 This form of hypnosis is used by businesses in their marketing campaigns and advertisement as well as by professional and motivational speakers. The object is to use emotional response to manipulate the subject’s reactions. The subject is totally unaware he/she is being controlled by the conversation.

 Think about it. Have you found yourself picking up the phone after watching an infomercial? Or placed a product on the grocery list after the commercial was shown? What about feeling you can do anything after listening to the motivational speaker? What caused those different and unusual responses? Could it be that your emotions were deliberately influenced by conversational hypnosis?

 Well, you can be the one doing the influencing, not the one following. This skill can be developed with a little time and effort with the proper training. With this technique you will be able to change people’s reaction to and interaction with you.

 Just how can this be beneficial to you?

 Increased work security. Promotions. Increase popularity at work or socially. Business success. Happiness. Child guidance. Leadership. Attraction.

Get the guy or gal.

 So how do you learn to use conversational hypnosis? If you have enough time and patience, you can do research online and at the library, buy and read books.

Or you can begin almost immediately by obtaining specific and direct information. One such resource can be found here or at http://www.selfhypnosishowto.com.



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Hypnosis is most effective when the subject is in a state of hypnosis relaxation which allows new information and suggestion to be presented and accepted. This is best accomplished by beginners when using a hypnosis script.

When thinking about hypnosis, most people bring about images of Hollywood scenes with the swinging watch or a zombie-like trance. The evil, sinister person is using his powers to cause a destructive deed or act to be performed.

Many people  fear being compelled to participate in extremely undesirable or destructive behavior.

Don’t worry. One will not accept forced behaviors or concepts which conflict with the acquired concepts, beliefs  and will of the person. Such suggestions will be rejected and not acted upon or the total hypnosis experience will be “turned off”.

In self hypnosis, the person wants to be hypnotized and  wants to accept the ideas presented.

Self hypnosis causes one to think about listening to an audio tape or mp3. These scripts are offering suggestions intended to change thoughts and behaviors on a specific topic such as stop smoking, weight loss or other forms of motivation.

These tapes and information (scripts) are usually prepared by someone who does not know the recipient or their circumstance, interest, desires, goals or temperament.

Why would this be of concern?

One of the first steps in hypnosis is relaxing the mind and body. Suppose the   instructions of the tape suggested floating in the ocean with the waves gently lifting you up and down. And you’re afraid of water!

Maybe the suggestion is to imagine walking on the beach on a bright, sunny day listening to the gentle lapping of the ocean on the beach. And you can only think about the severe sunburn received on your last beach vacation.

So, What to do? Make your own tape. This way the exact purpose can be addressed using precise phrases and words familiar to you. By using such words and phrases, hypnosis relaxation will be attained and the proper images can more readily be created.

The sequence and choice of words and phrases strongly effect the success and outcome of a hypnosis venture. Familiar people, events, objects, routines and experiences should be used.

The objective is to feel comfortable by using words displaying your vocabulary, taste, beliefs and desires. A meaningful experience must be created from beginning to end in order to reach hypnosis relaxation so one can totally ingest the script.

The best and easiest way to have such an experience is to custom create a hypnosis script.

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Tu chi sei?
Creative Commons License photo credit: figlioDiOrfeo♥ You can learn to hypnotize yourself when realizing that all hypnosis is actually self hypnosis and all that is needed is good hypnosis training. Hypnosis is nothing more than powerful self-persuasion. However, it is very effective. Yes, it really works.

Many leading professionals in the health field have documented the power and effectiveness of hypnosis. In fact, the American Medical Association approved it as a treatment method for doctors and dentists in 1958.

Many people fear hypnosis thinking they can be brainwashed or the personality can be altered.  So forget about getting your mate to reveal those secrets or what really happened on the last business trip. A hypnotized person remains in complete control of actions, feelings and thoughts. In a hypnotic trance, one will not act against innate values and morals.

If you don’t have a true desire to do something, you won’t. If you really don’t want to stop smoking, you won’t. If you really don’t want to lose weight, you won’t. But, when you are ready to stop smoking or lose weight, hypnosis can make the transition easier and faster as well as increase the odds for success.

Studies and medical professionals have shown that a person has greater control of mind and body when in a hypnotic trance than when in a regular or normal state of consciousness. The trance places you in contact with the subconscious mind where you can better empower yourself.

The subconscious is where memories and deep emotions are held. This is the part of the mind that controls automatic body functions such as breathing. To be effective in working on this level, a person should have a certain amount of hypnosis training and knowledge and understand the different steps of hypnosis.

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Participating in Self Hypnosis training presents a problem. In today’s society and level of expectation, a person demands instant gratification. This makes hypnosis relaxation very difficult. We take a pill and the symptom is eased. Of course, the problem has not been removed, but we are feeling better until time to take the next pill.

All we have to do is raise our credit card limit or get another one and we can buy NOW. Who wants to wait and save before purchasing. After all, we see examples of get it now or do it now on TV dramas and sitcoms everyday.

Learning Self Hypnosis reminds me of playing a musical instrument. An accomplished musician can take the most inexpensive, beat-up instrument and play a beautiful melody with it. Have you heard an accomplished musician use a rubber garden hose as a clarinet?

A beginner won’t be able to make the most expensive instrument sound good.

While Self Hypnosis and hypnosis relaxation is not difficult, it takes a little time and trial to learn the methodology that works best for you. You are dealing with the subconscious which takes total relaxation to enter.

So, after choosing your goal or subject, the first objective is to reach a state of RELAXATION.

What are the words, phrases and descriptions that will cause you to get to a state of comfort and bliss. What created images will cause you to concentrate on them and ignore your present environment.

The more you practice, the easier and quicker this blissful state will be created.
Once this has been accomplished, you are ready for step two.

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Fat Beth & A Basket.
Creative Commons License photo credit: bethography – melting mama Want to lose weight? If you believe the claims being made, it’s easy. All you have to do is listen to a self hypnosis for weight loss track and lose weight. Or use a product you see advertised on TV every day and get instant weight loss.

Wouldn’t that be great!

Well, the good news is that for most people self hypnosis works better than pills and devices of all sorts.

Why? Hypnosis works on a level other devices and pills are unable to reach.
It reaches into and uses your subconscious mind which controls the automatic functions of the body such as breathing. From here the mind can be steered to the losing weight or changing food intake mode.

Many years ago our ancestors did not have food readily available or stores on every block. Their minds had to take care of the body during those times when food was scarce or non-existent. Our mind still controls basic body functions as if we were still living under those conditions. Not handling this situation properly today is where most diets fail.

Hypnosis works well with a diet without having to use starvation because the mind can use hypnosis for weight loss to steer the mind to the thought of losing weight. With the proper method using a viable script or track, the mind can be trained to control the hunger signal and eat only when needed.

Not only will you continue with gradual weight loss, but being aware of the foods  you are eating will provide more meal enjoyment. This, in turn, will provide a more successful weight loss venture.

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Beginning to use and have Self Hypnosis Script success reminds me of starting a flower garden. To have a successful garden the weeds and other growth have to be removed and the soil properly prepared. Otherwise the newly planted flowers will not survive or at best have to compete with the established growth which will affect the growth and flowering capability.

For hypnosis to be effective, the old thoughts, habits and behavior which we’ll call “programming” must be addressed. If we can at least partially remove and alter this programming, the new information will be more easily accepted and powerful.

The old programming will resist change and reject new information time and time again. Only after many repetitions will the new information begin to have an effect. So working first to remove old programming, the new information will begin changing our programming much faster.

Not only that, in most cases just altering or removing the old programming causes us to feel better and move toward our goals. Getting rid of the old programming allows the body and mind to naturally begin to mend and work in new directions.

One way to change our programming is to use a pre-recorded hypnosis script designed for this purpose. These scripts can be found for any subject imaginable and come in many different formats.  They can be found in tapes, cd’s, video, mp3 and text format.

After having some success and becoming familiar with Self Hypnosis, the next step is to make our own recording, called a hypnosis script. The benefit of making your own, is that it will contain words and phrases which are familiar
and specially directed toward the behavior you want to eliminate or change.

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