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Creative Commons License photo credit: suryatelMost people’s image of hypnosis involves a client sitting in their therapist’s office listening to suggestive commands. However, there are actually lots of self-hypnosis techniques that people can learn and apply to themselves. While one must be careful about what one chooses to program into one’s subconscious, with a little work you can truly become your own “mind manager.”

Emile Coue was one of the earliest proponents of self hypnosis. He believed that at least some problems could be cured or alleviated by a change in our unconscious thought, which could only be achieved by the use of one’s imagination. Coue did not consider himself a healer per se; rather he believed that he could train people to heal themselves by affecting organic changes in themselves through the use of auto suggestion.

Another popular form of self-hypnosis is known as Autogenic Training. It is a relaxation technique developed by Johannes Schultz, a German psychiatrist in the 1920s and 1930s. It involves the practice of 15 minute sessions 3 times a day at morning, noon, and in the evening. During each session the person is supposed to repeat to him or herself a series of visualizations that are designed to induce a state of relaxation, which in turn can alleviate many stress-related and psychosomatic disorders.

Once you establish that you’re going to learn how to hypnotize yourself, you’ll need the right information so as to proceed correctly. You can search through some online sources to get more information on being hypnotized. Informational article sites like www.helium.com and www.ehow.com will be able to give you some practical information on how to undergo every step of the process so that your hypnosis will be effective.

The first thing you need to decide is what goal or goals you are actually hoping to accomplish with the hypnosis. As soon as you have figured that out, you must also make sure that you only focus on one goal per self-hypnosis session. Try to do too much at once and you will not only not solve your problems but will likely create new ones. Once that is settled, you need to make sure that the suggestions that you are implanting in your subconscious mind are positive in nature. Don’t say things like “I’m going to quit smoking no matter how hard it is.” This will only remind you of the difficulty of quitting smoking. Substitute positive suggestions like “I’m going to quit smoking because it will be so much better for my health.”

One popular self hypnosis technique is to visualize yourself descending into your subconscious as if going down a staircase. With each step you have fewer and fewer worries and are becoming increasingly relaxed. When you get to the end of the staircase you should be sufficiently relaxed to start repeating your positive suggestions to your subconscious. Repeat each suggestion three times with a short break in between. When finished with all your suggestions, imagine yourself going back up the staircase you came down. When you are back at the top of the staircase, the session is over and you should be back to your normal state of mind.

Learning self hypnosis techniques provides you with a powerful tool that you can use to overcome a wide range of problems in your life. And it’s easier than you might think. Find out more at Learn Hypnosis.

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Wrong notions about hypnosis have always been in circulation. A large number of people consider it to be some sort of a mystical practice. But hypnosis has been found to have strong fundamentals in science and rationality, and a lot of psychologists use hypnosis training for curative purposes.

Hypnosis is a practitioner’s controlled induction of a subject into an altered state of being during which a patient becomes acutely responsive to new ideas that are infused in his mind by the hypnotist. This is precisely how psychological illnesses of patients are cured by psychiatrists.

Many institutes of higher learning around the world provide education on hypnosis training, which can be divided into intermediate and advanced levels. At basic levels, students are tutored on the various nuances of the art and at higher levels they employ these techniques to get to the bottom of any problem.

An academic training in hypnosis can be successfully employed by a person in his job. Counselling jobs are available for academically qualified hypnotherapists, and a lot of of them end up being appointed as child counsellors. In fact, hypnotherapy itself is also a recognized job in several countries.

Hypnosis training can also be done on oneself. Common personality disorders like lack of confidence can be remedied through self-hypnosis. Renowned men and women have used hypnosis to enhance their personalities. They have been able to harness their creative abilities and have become popular orators. Personnel from the police and armed forces also often go through hypnosis training as it enables them to combat their opponents. Even robbers and pick pockets have been known to use this training to rob unsuspecting people, which reveals how powerful the technique can be.

The art of hypnosis is more rational than mystical as is often believed, and one just needs proper training to learn it. To make hypnosis a profession however needs a lot of persistence to achieve perfection.

Learn more about Hypnosis Training Singapore and Hypnotherapy Course and uncover and discover how it can transform you into a better individual. This and other unique content ‘hypnosis training singapore’ articles are available with free reprint rights.

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Creative Commons License photo credit: figlioDiOrfeo♥Self hypnosis works by altering the state of your brain wave. Self Hypnosis training allows you to more easily understand and use new knowledge because of this altered state or trance.

And yes, it’s harmless so you don’t have to be concerned about negative side effects.

Contrary to some opinions, you remain in control and can wake up when you choose.
At worst case scenario, you will fall asleep and then wake up naturally.

Self Hypnosis training can be a valuable tool in learning to hypnotize yourself or even other people.

The basis of hypnosis is trust. Who do you trust? Hopefully no one better than yourself. And what voice are you most familiar with? Again, your own.

The most effective script to use would be one you made and customized for your current need. Then the script could be recorded in your own voice to use during the trance.

The object is to re-wire the brain by replacing all negative and unacceptable thoughts with positive, healthy ones. Your own voice specially addressing these issues will provide the quickest and most effective results.

Another benefit to completing your own recorded script is that you won’t be turned off by someone’s accent or voice inflections. And certainly not concerned with a possible added subliminal message.

So how do you make this recording?

If you use Microsoft Vista, look in the All Programs folder and find the Accessories Folder. There you will find a Sound Recorder.

If your computer does not have a recording program, a free Editing and Recording program called Audacity can be found at http://audacity.Sourceforge.Net

If your computer does not have a built in microphone, one can be purchased at any store where electronics are sold. An inexpensive one will be fine for this purpose.

Recording the hypnosis script is easy. Relax and speak softly and slowly as you begin the induction and deepening stages so this relaxation will be transferred during the session. When you write out the script, BOLD text the words, phrases or sentences which need to be emphasized.

Made a goof? No problem. Just start over. After a few attempts, you will be comfortable and do just fine.

If you are a beginner, or one of those people simply terrified thinking about making your own recording, consider purchasing a MP3 or CD HERE. After a little practice you will be ready to make your own.

The final objective is the creation of a script dealing with your specific issues and recorded in your own voice.

Hypnoman provides an array of information and a free download listing the steps included in a Self Hypnosis session HERE.

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