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Hypnosis scripts provide the path to success toward your goal of change or improvement using self hypnosis how to.

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Hypnosis is most effective when the subject is in a state of hypnosis relaxation which allows new information and suggestion to be presented and accepted. This is best accomplished by beginners when using a hypnosis script.

When thinking about hypnosis, most people bring about images of Hollywood scenes with the swinging watch or a zombie-like trance. The evil, sinister person is using his powers to cause a destructive deed or act to be performed.

Many people  fear being compelled to participate in extremely undesirable or destructive behavior.

Don’t worry. One will not accept forced behaviors or concepts which conflict with the acquired concepts, beliefs  and will of the person. Such suggestions will be rejected and not acted upon or the total hypnosis experience will be “turned off”.

In self hypnosis, the person wants to be hypnotized and  wants to accept the ideas presented.

Self hypnosis causes one to think about listening to an audio tape or mp3. These scripts are offering suggestions intended to change thoughts and behaviors on a specific topic such as stop smoking, weight loss or other forms of motivation.

These tapes and information (scripts) are usually prepared by someone who does not know the recipient or their circumstance, interest, desires, goals or temperament.

Why would this be of concern?

One of the first steps in hypnosis is relaxing the mind and body. Suppose the   instructions of the tape suggested floating in the ocean with the waves gently lifting you up and down. And you’re afraid of water!

Maybe the suggestion is to imagine walking on the beach on a bright, sunny day listening to the gentle lapping of the ocean on the beach. And you can only think about the severe sunburn received on your last beach vacation.

So, What to do? Make your own tape. This way the exact purpose can be addressed using precise phrases and words familiar to you. By using such words and phrases, hypnosis relaxation will be attained and the proper images can more readily be created.

The sequence and choice of words and phrases strongly effect the success and outcome of a hypnosis venture. Familiar people, events, objects, routines and experiences should be used.

The objective is to feel comfortable by using words displaying your vocabulary, taste, beliefs and desires. A meaningful experience must be created from beginning to end in order to reach hypnosis relaxation so one can totally ingest the script.

The best and easiest way to have such an experience is to custom create a hypnosis script.

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Beginning to use and have Self Hypnosis Script success reminds me of starting a flower garden. To have a successful garden the weeds and other growth have to be removed and the soil properly prepared. Otherwise the newly planted flowers will not survive or at best have to compete with the established growth which will affect the growth and flowering capability.

For hypnosis to be effective, the old thoughts, habits and behavior which we’ll call “programming” must be addressed. If we can at least partially remove and alter this programming, the new information will be more easily accepted and powerful.

The old programming will resist change and reject new information time and time again. Only after many repetitions will the new information begin to have an effect. So working first to remove old programming, the new information will begin changing our programming much faster.

Not only that, in most cases just altering or removing the old programming causes us to feel better and move toward our goals. Getting rid of the old programming allows the body and mind to naturally begin to mend and work in new directions.

One way to change our programming is to use a pre-recorded hypnosis script designed for this purpose. These scripts can be found for any subject imaginable and come in many different formats.  They can be found in tapes, cd’s, video, mp3 and text format.

After having some success and becoming familiar with Self Hypnosis, the next step is to make our own recording, called a hypnosis script. The benefit of making your own, is that it will contain words and phrases which are familiar
and specially directed toward the behavior you want to eliminate or change.

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