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Nlp hypnosis can create a positive emotion on oneself and be used as a very strong and effective instrument to persuade others to consider your view.

With our society constantly on the run, the past 100 years has seen lots dramatic changes. Fast food, processed “everything”, obesity and addictive personalities are just a small example of what plagues our lives. Transforming your life through positive changes hypnosis can aid in adjusting your present lifestyle to one you would rather live, all with next to no effort on your part beyond listening to an MP3.

Bringing about good changes in your life often starts with changes in your thought process. That little voice in your head will no longer speak badly but instead empower you to achieve your goals. Those who have undergone hypnosis say that it worked for them. Most professionals guarantee the desired results. It is no wonder that the interest in hypnosis has increased within the last several years, even though hypnosis has been used for decades.

Bringing about positive changes through the process is relatively easy. Using self help or seeking the help of a professional, shifting from the present what of thinking to a more optimistic thought process is the goal. Affecting the change through your subconscious by disabling the negative aspects that hold us back is how hypnosis works.

As with any cure, hypnosis has its skeptics. Eventually, even they might try it when all other techniques have failed in providing them with their desired goals. For many who have tried and failed repeatedly, positive change hypnosis is what they seek next. Being inspired during the first couple of days of a program is normal. However; it tends to wear off. They find themselves caught in a vicious cycle going back to their old ways.

Do not force yourself to change how you think. It requires motivation that can often waver. With hypnosis, this change is made for you. Instead of worrying about your addictions or whatever it is you want to change, enjoy your life. Hypnosis works by shifting your way of thinking to a more positive way.

Positive change hypnosis separates itself from all other life changing programs.

Discover out more about positive changes hypnosis and check out how to hypnotize yourself.

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Creative Commons License photo credit: Ana Santos Hypnosis is a very effective treatment of stress. According to experts, stress develops when a person feels the task in front of him is greater than the resources he can summon. This imbalance triggers stress. Hypnosis, however, changes this. Through hypnosis, this person can feel that he has all the resources necessary to do the task efficiently.

Dr. Lipton has researched the topic and found that stress is an underlying factor in as much as 90% of diseases. This is astonishing and it seems that stress starves vital organs of oxygen and nutrients. This is not a problem on the odd occasion but when it is persistent, disease is likely to develop.

Stress is not caused by the situation you confront but by the way you perceive this situation and whether you feel you have the coping mechanisms to deal with it. Hypnosis works remarkably well in stress because it changes your perception, expectation and belief.

Things that created extreme stress can be converted to tasks you can easily do because, following hypnosis, you have the belief that you have the resources to handle what you confront with little effort on your part.

A hypnotist will use induction and deepening trance to put you into a deep relaxed sleep. In this state your brainwave pattern has changed from beta to theta. At this pattern of activity, the filters or barriers that block unwanted messages from reaching the Subconscious Mind are relaxed. The hypnotist is now able to replace negative attitude, belief and expectation with positive ones.

Hypnosis is without doubt a powerful and safe treatment of stress and anxiety. Meditation is an effective tool and recommended for stress. It is, however, very difficult to see how a stressed person can relax, and if he or she cannot relax, meditation becomes very difficult. It is better to have hypnosis as an immediate treatment and use meditation for the long term and overall life enhancement.

Anyone who has had stress will tell you it is a very unpleasant thing. Stress pushes aside all the fun things in your life. It steals enjoyment. Anxiety, rage, depression and anger are commonly associated with stress. You are also less creative and regularly make unnecessary mistakes. You lose your libido.

Worse of all, stress triggers the fight or flight reaction. This shuts off important nutrients to some organs of the body while at the same time stimulating the heart. This is why research has shown it is responsible for 90% of all diseases. In industry there are millions of days a year lost through stress and the cost to health services is enormous.

Hypnosis is not just a treatment for stress. By the way it works, it can change many aspects of our lives. It has changed the lives of numerous people and most of the time it is because it creates a positive attitude in peoples lives.

Once you are in a deep hypnotic trance, post hypnotic suggestions will be made. This is the most important part of hypnotherapy. These suggestions will decide how you cope with future stressful situations. Suggestions such as, you are calm and relaxed, are powerful and effective. In addition the hypnotist will suggest that you will not get stressed when confronted with a difficult task. Instead you will see it as a difficult task but it can be done and you will be looking at the best way to do it.

So instead of drugs, counselling, psychotherapy or CBT, have hypnotherapy for safe and outstanding results of all your stress problems. Remember hypnosis is nothing more than a state of heightened awareness where your right brain becomes very alert. It does not analyse or filter like the left brain. It simply accepts suggestions by the hypnotist while you remain in a calm relaxed altered sleep.

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enid coleslaw
Creative Commons License photo credit: auspices The worst thing in life is having a phobia or fear for something, which absolutely paralyzes you so much so, that you live a debilitated life. Luckily there is help on the horizon in the name of nlp rewind technique.

NLP or it’s full name; Neuro-Linguistic-Programming as been around for a long time, but has only been used productively in the past few years. Research has found that we tend to replay the problem in our minds over and over again until we cannot differentiate between past and present. What might have happened to us in the past has somehow jumped into our present in a very real and frightening way. Hence the anxiousness and sweaty palms and even heart palpitations manifest at the slightest recall.

Let’s briefly look at a case study recently brought to the fore:

Janet is a 40 year old mother of two and wonderfully happy. Her husband as a great job and her children are excelling at school. Janet has just one problem though, she cannot drive a car. You see her her little brother died in a car crash when she was also just a toddler, and seems to think that she will also die if she drives car.

She has made all kinds of excuses not to drive throughout her life and depended on her husband, family members and friends to fetch the children from school and drive her to do her errands.

At the beginning of the session she was asked to relax and do some breathing exercises. When she felt totally relaxed the therapist instructed her to visualize a cinema with a comfortable seats, a big screen, lots of popcorn and candy around her and that she is going to star in a fantastic movie. This movie is going to be about her trauma and it will be in lots of detail. She also had to make her movie in black and white so the mind can relate to the old problem. She was then asked to start the movie with her first memory of the accident.

Janet was asked to imagine herself in a cinema or big room where she was able to watch a movie playing on a big screen. She was then asked to leave her seat and stand somewhere where she could observe herself watching her movie. The movie would be about her fear or phobia. She was also asked to imagine her movie be in black and white to give it a dated look. She was then told to let her imagination play along and create the scene where she became horrified or scared. While she was watching her movie, she was also watching herself and noting her reactions.

Now that she is standing away from her movie and not playing in it, she was asked to slowly change aspects of the movie as it happened. It was suggested that she maybe change the black white into technicolor, and also to add her favorite song to it. Every time she would do this, she would rewind the movie and place an object in it. She could change anything in the movie as long as it is positive and rewind it has many times as she wished.

She ended up with a yellow beach buggy that blared a popular song by the Beach Boys. Her fear was eliminated and replaced with the nlp rewind technique and she is now confident behind the wheel, so much so that she is hardly home any more!

Check out more about the NLP rewind technique and find out how you can use it to cure phobias fast.

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Hypnosis mind control is in essence turning over your mind and your own cognitive thought process to a third party. Many people turn to such tactics to help them conquer a personal mission such as quitting smoking or controlling their eating habits. You can employ hypnosis mind control if you seek out the primary influence and ask for someone to help you control that primary influence.

What is the primary influence? Smoking is probably the easiest example. The primary influence is the act of lighting up a cigarette. You can ask a qualified individual to help you relieve yourself of the habit through hypnosis mind control. In such a case, you would essentially be asking them to alleviate you of your subconscious need to smoke.

Food control is very similar, although usually you have to identify the primary influence which can be difficult if you aren’t clear on what it is. For some people, eating in front of the TV is the primary influence. For others, over eating is about boredom or about feeling good for the moment.

The most common behaviors that many wish to change include smoking and eating habits. Those who want to stop indulging themselves in unhealthy ways often engage in hypnosis mind control to help identify new and useful ways to control themselves while they are fully awake. It is sort of like short circuiting the brain to come up with new ideas.

It can be done with great success if you are open to allowing someone else into your mind. If you can accept someone else’s ability to put you into a hypnotic state and then rework the thoughts in your mind, you are quite likely to have success.

Hypnosis mind control can be used for just about any aspect of life you would like to change. If you want to be more financially successful, be more courageous, or have better love relationships you can use this method to help you through any or all of the change processes.

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The effectiveness of custom subliminal messages is being felt the maximum in the weight-loss and advertising industries. My neighbor claims to have lost ten kilos since she combined her gym sessions with special music tapes containing custom subliminal messages! She says she could never lose weight earlier no matter how much she exercised.

But, what exactly are custom subliminal messages? For the uninitiated, these are phrases and ideas in the form of audio, visual or audio-visual combo cues sent to you in an indirect way. While you are watching a music video, there may be a hidden message to buy a product flashing in between the frames. Your mind cannot catch these messages but your subconscious can. Psychiatrists say the mind is more analytical while the subconscious is like a child and accepts everything that is told to it. Custom subliminal messages therefore, work straight on your subconscious effecting changes in the way you behave. Custom subliminal messages are being increasingly used for weight loss. You may not have the will power to avoid high-calorie food but your subconscious mind regularly told to do so will build an aversion in you against cakes and pastries!

There is a myth that custom subliminal messages can control your mind. That is not possible even with hypnosis. Your basic moral and religious ethics cannot be tampered with. The advertising industry uses subliminal cues all the time. Neither can custom subliminal messages make you harm anyone. But custom subliminal messages can be used to help you improve various personality aspects.

The technique of custom subliminal messages was first discussed by E.W. Scripture in The New Psychology in 1898. Advertising companies and propaganda experts have been accused from time to time of influencing markets for financial gains.

Today, the most popular use of custom subliminal messages is for therapy. Ranging from weight loss to complementing your healing program, there are CDs and DVDs available for all kinds of problems and solutions relation to personal and interpersonal aspects of one’s life. However, before deciding to invest in any of these products, please verify the credentials of the expert offering them to you.

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