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Using relaxation meditation is the key to successful self hypnosis and improvement.


Creative Commons License photo credit: alicepopkorn

Participating in Self Hypnosis training presents a problem. In today’s society and level of expectation, a person demands instant gratification. This makes hypnosis relaxation very difficult. We take a pill and the symptom is eased. Of course, the problem has not been removed, but we are feeling better until time to take the next pill.

All we have to do is raise our credit card limit or get another one and we can buy NOW. Who wants to wait and save before purchasing. After all, we see examples of get it now or do it now on TV dramas and sitcoms everyday.

Learning Self Hypnosis reminds me of playing a musical instrument. An accomplished musician can take the most inexpensive, beat-up instrument and play a beautiful melody with it. Have you heard an accomplished musician use a rubber garden hose as a clarinet?

A beginner won’t be able to make the most expensive instrument sound good.

While Self Hypnosis and hypnosis relaxation is not difficult, it takes a little time and trial to learn the methodology that works best for you. You are dealing with the subconscious which takes total relaxation to enter.

So, after choosing your goal or subject, the first objective is to reach a state of RELAXATION.

What are the words, phrases and descriptions that will cause you to get to a state of comfort and bliss. What created images will cause you to concentrate on them and ignore your present environment.

The more you practice, the easier and quicker this blissful state will be created.
Once this has been accomplished, you are ready for step two.

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