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By Jack Powell

new look at The Three Sisters Creative Commons License photo credit: digika When one begins self hypnosis training the realization that it is not an end in itself will eventually emerge. It’s like discovering an iceberg. The more one studies the tip, the more is learned about what is below water. And then more and more.

Each segment of the iceberg may be a marvel in itself, but just looking at the individual segments will give a false impression of the whole iceberg. And since most of it is not visible at any one time, there’s no way one can see the complete iceberg.

So it is with most self hypnosis training. It seems very simple at first. All one has to do is listen to a hypnosis tape or CD. And then another after another.

One can spend weeks, months and yes, even years, along with many hundreds of dollars going thru the multitude of hypnosis resources found online. So at the end, without any structure and continuity, all one has is a stack of tapes and CD’s. Yep, several were helpful, many were useless, and no complete picture is formed.

Improvement or change may have taken place, but the total desired effect has not occurred.

So, what is the answer? To be totally effective, a program must be used which is a complete system. One which takes all the pieces and puts them into the proper slot, rather than offering hundreds of individual tapes or CDs.

This program should have three steps included in each session regardless of the induction or technique used or the session goal. The stages are referred to as “ABS”.

You guessed it. The “A” stands for Attention. One must become totally focused on the subject at hand and completely unaware of any other distractions or thoughts.

B” is Bypassing. Bypassing what? The critical mind. Why is this important? The natural thing for one to do is question and analyze everything. If this occurs in self hypnosis [or any kind of hypnosis] progress cannot be made.

S” if for Stimulate. The unconscious mind must be stimulated to accept the suggestions for processing. This is the key to making change.

Stages “A” and “B” must be accomplished in order for “S” to have a chance.

Without “S”, nothing takes place. All three stages must be present, in order, in EVERY session, regardless of which book, tape, CD or tool used for the hypnosis session.

One should also look for a training which includes the 5 steps of hypnosis unless very experienced in the art. The 5 steps will guide one thru the necessary steps to complete a hypnotic session successfully. As one becomes more advanced, some of the steps can be eliminated.

Learn about self hypnosis training and the 5 steps of hypnosis used to set up and imbed proper suggestions and complete the hypnotic trance. By doing so, one can alter behavior and improve life – stop smoking, lose weight, gain confidence.

The new life is waiting for you – You can do it!

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