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By Jack Powell

The study and use of hypnosis has been gaining in popularity because it has helped millions around the world. The practice of self hypnosis using self hypnosis scripts has enabled the individual to unlock the hidden powers found in the subconscious mind. By doing so, goals of health, wealth, self improvement and behavior change have been accomplished.

The advantage of self hypnosis is that the person knows what the goal is, and can speak in a familiar voice with understandable words. The disadvantage is that most people aren’t knowledgeable in using the hypnotic steps necessary to reach the subconscious and make the proper suggestions in the needed method.

Thus, the use of self hypnosis scripts gives a reference including plans for each stage of the process and addresses the needs for the session at the proper time and sequence.

Caution! To be effective, the correct script must be chosen and used. What works for one person may not work for another. The script must also address the problem at hand. A script for weight loss will not work as a stop smoking script.

So, in the beginning, a properly chosen script can allow even a newbie to reach a successful trance and the beginning of a behavior change. More information about the 5 steps in self hypnosis scripts can be found in this article.

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